Copford Physiotherapy Practice is owned and run by Tanya Croall, a physiotherapist with over 13 years’ experience. Immediately after qualifying Tanya worked in NHS hospitals for 2 years, gaining a thorough grounding in physiotherapy by rotating through a range of specialisms. Tanya then joined the Army as an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps and had the privilege of rehabilitating service personnel, including elite forces such as the Paras and SAS, in various settings in the UK and abroad. Tanya left the Army after 10 years’ service and has since worked in private practice.

Tanya has completed post graduate training in sports massage, myofasical release, acupuncture, Pilates, Kinesiotaping, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. She has also completed a year's training in the Integrated Systems Model and Thoracic Ring Approach taught by world-renowned physiotherapists Diane Lee and LJ Lee.

Over the years Tanya has been a keen sports woman having participated in triathlon (including Half-Ironman), running, competitive swimming; she has treated many athletes from these disciplines. In 2012 she was a volunteer ‘Gamesmaker’ for the Olympic Games and provided physiotherapy in the Excel Arena for athletes competing in Taekwondo.

‘From my clinical experience and further studies I believe that gentle treatments and techniques often have a better and more profound effect. I look at the whole person and examine which other parts of the body might be contributing to the painful area. Don’t be surprised, if you come in with pain or dysfunction in one area that an effective treatment may incorporate another part of the body!’