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With the situation surrounding Covid-19 and social distancing guidance, in-person appointments are only possible in exceptional cases; but you don’t have to wait until the coronavirus situation is resolved before thinking about your continuing health!

In order to continue to help my clients I have launched an online consultation service. Booking an appointment is in the normal way, through my online booking site

Please read on for information about the service.

What is an online consultation

I will connect with you – via your personal computer, laptop, tablet or phone – to assess and treat your problem. An online consultation is not simply a chat: I will ask you all the questions I would normally in the clinic before conducting a physical assessment and advising you on your condition. You will be able to see me on your own screen throughout.

Won’t you need to examine me?

Yes, absolutely. You will be asked to demonstrate various movements in front of your camera – for example a squat, a sit up or how you stand – which will provide me much information on how your body is functioning. I could also guide you through some ‘self-palpation’ if further information were needed.

How are you going to treat me?

Physiotherapy treatment for any condition consists of: explaining the condition so that you have a good understanding about your problem; advice to enable self-management, such as on lifestyle and modifying activity; and specific exercises to help improve symptoms. Manual therapy – which I do value highly – is one part of the whole treatment process; progress can be made without it until such time as you can come into the clinic, if it remains necessary.

Can I do it anywhere?

You need to be somewhere private as we will be discussing personal medical information and you will have to perform movements to a camera. It is also best to be somewhere where you (and therefore I) can concentrate fully, so any background distractions should be avoided.

Do I need to download anything or buy any special equipment?

No, you do not need to download any new software; the online consultation facility is integrated into my practice software known as Jane. When you make your appointment you will be sent an email inviting you to set up a personal Jane account; if you are an existing patient you will already have a Jane account allocated. You must later access this Jane account to begin the online consultation and will need a computer, laptop, tablet or phone which has a good camera and microphone. Your Jane account is best accessed through a Google Chrome browser.

Is the system secure?

Yes, the data is secure and encrypted, and the audio-visual session will not be recorded or stored anywhere. I will make typed notes during your appointment just as I would if treating you in person.

It sounds complicated, I’m still not clear.

You will be sent full instructions of how to access your account in advance and a link to a short 4-min video explaining the essential IT basics of how to take part. Once you have completed your first online appointment you will see how easy it is.


If you'd like more information, please contact me, Tanya Croall MCSP


Phone: 07971295465

Online: Appointment booking


Clinic hours, appointments and prices

Copford Physiotherapy is based to the West of Colchester. There is off-street parking, disabled access and toilet facilities.

To make an appointment please visit my online booking site.

Alternatively email or ring 07971 295465 leaving your name and telephone number. You will be contacted outside of clinic hours to arrange your appointment. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

Prices (1 hour appointment)

  • Initial consultation £60
  • Follow up £45

Copford physiotherapy is registered with major health insurers.

Please note that if you cannot attend an appointment for any reason then I must be notified at least 24 hours in advance; later cancellation will incur a £20 charge. Whilst such notification may be by text, phone or email, you should not assume delivery of any message without receiving my acknowledgement. Failure to attend an appointment without prior notification will incur the full cost of the lost appointment.